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  • Fresh new stools, hot off the block!!

    We are proud to give you a glimpse into our new products that have just arrived which include stools that are made from very dense polypropylene to traditional looking stools made from the superb crafted birch wood. All these stools have fantastic designs that are designed to fit in well in many commercial environments all of which have comfort and stability in mind.

    With the recent trend for handcrafted designs and rustic chic on the rise, we are raring to release the designs listed below. And with the wide variety of colours and slight innovative designs, will allow you to find the specific stool for your required needs.

    Oslo Bar Stools

    New Oslo Bar StoolWe are now offering our stunning steel stools in a lovely little quartet to give you the chance to get these stools at a well respected discounted price. These stools are built for purpose with their tremendous amounts of stability and their eye catching aesthetics making this stool suitable for many contemporary kitchens and breakfast bar areas. With the choice in either red, white, silver and black will give you the choice to help suit your required taste.

    Miura Bar Stool

    The Miura Bar Stool
    The Miura stools are one of our newest members of to our bar stool family and has brought a very unique look along with it. This exuberant looking stool comes in 3 colours white, black and red all of which are very, very aesthetically pleasing and can be used for indoor or outdoor use. Being a commercial standard stool means this stool pacts great stability and with its unique design and lovely looks gives another great specimen of a bar stool. These stools are sold in 4’s which allows you to have quadrupled the amount pleasure for your whole family to enjoy.

    Industrial Bar Stool

    Industrial Bar Stool
    The industrial stools are a very unique sample of a differentiated design that is currently all in rage in the bar stool market. We are offering these stools as a couple to allow them to settle in great to any contemporary home or a café or bar environment. Style is maintained with th factory-chic look, beautifully masked by its strong frame to give an all round lovely traditional stool.

    Kuadra Bar Stool

    Kuadra Bar StoolThe Kuadra stool has very recently become a very popular stool and we are honoured to be able to give you the chance to purchase one of the delights. The popularity comes from its ability to be placed indoor or outdoor and the fact it is a lovely stool. The very strong and well crafted polypropylene seat gives support through the backrest to outstanding comfort through the seat and with its 4 legs providing reassuring support, gives the making of a quality stool. Sold in groups of 4 in either black or white.

    Bolero Bar Stool

    Belero Bar Stool
    The Bolero stool is another great product which Is very similar to the Kuadra stool and definitely mirrors the style and comfort the Kuadra has. The Bolero stool can also be placed indoors or outdoors and is perfect for a café or kitchen area. The specially chosen height provides optimising comfort and with the embedded footrest also present allows you to relax for hours on end. We are selling the stools in groups of 4 but space is always catered for as these stools can be stacked up to 8 high. A very exciting prospect.

    Stratos Bar Stool

    Stratos Bar Stool
    The stratos bar stool is a hot topic on the market and with it extremely comfortable padding and its antique look, there is no reason why this stool is so popular. The birch wood frame goes down a treat as it gives a traditional look to your contemporary kitchen or bar area, and these stools would not look at of place in a café or bar area due to its specialised height being perfect to sit at a work top. The padded faux leather and the high back offer great comfort and with the choice of black, brown or cream, you can choose a colour to suit you. All in all a great quality stool with comfort and stability in mind.

    As you can see there are some new exciting innovative designs that have come in all shapes and sizes and are made out of a wide range of materials all of which maintain the high quality we are proud to sell. And as we are now offering all of these stools to be bought in pairs or in 4’s you can not only enjoy one amazing stool, you get the chance to enjoy a whole family of comfortable and delightful bar stools.

  • 8 New Delights Just Landed!

    As you can see our bar stool family has a wide range of lovable stools that cater for a variety of needs. However due to the ever expanding Lamboro range, we can now proudly introduce a new era of bar stools that are bound to hit the ground running.

    Our new stools have a wide range of lovely features that vary for contemporary or light commercial uses. Lamboro are continuing to revitalise all the time, and have now innovated new additions to their height adjustable range and have introduced a glorious selection of fixed height stools. The variety of height adjustable stools that are listed below incorporate a lovely Italian design with comfort in mind making them integrate beautifully in a kitchen or breakfast bar environment. Whereas the fixed height stools have a beautiful yet simplistic design that still pack great comfort and stability making these stools suited to a more commercial environment such as a café or restaurant area.

    Here is a sneak peak of the new additions to our family with a few features that truly represent their brilliance:

    New Designs

    Ravenna Bar Stool

    New Ravenna Black Bar StoolThe Ravenna bar stool oozes with comfort due to its dense padding and high back rest making this stool a delight to sit on. Lined with superb black faux leather to give a truly sophisticated look that blends in beautifully with the mirror finished chrome work on the base, triangular footrest and gas lift section. The high back rest present will allow you to improve lumbar support. And there is no need to worry about scratches or dents being transferred as the stool has a unique rubber ring protector around the bottom of the base that will guarantee to prevent this. This stool is one of our most suave stools in our range and will guarantee to catch the eye of almost anyone that comes across it and with the 2 colours of black and cream to choose from will allow different decors to be catered for.

    Rovigo Bar Stool

    The rovigo white bar stoolThe Rovigo is another addition to our height adjustable range that also has masses of comfort and packs great stability due to the wide base of support. Although having a slightly thinner seat top, the stool remains comfortable and relaxation will always be achieved with the footrest catering for the lower part of your body and the high backrest for the top. This lovely addition comes in 3 magnificent colours: white, black and red which gives you a lovely choice to have

    Siena Bar Stool

    Striking Siena Red StoolThe Siena has a funky, retro look that is an extremely comfortable stool due to its thick padding lined with red faux leather giving it a fierce and fiery look. A glistening look is given off due to its mirror finished chrome work and stability is maintained due to its wide base of support. The Siena will make a great addition to a kitchen/breakfast bar area but due to its modern, funky look, this stool will definitely not look out of place in a café environment. And with the option of having either red, black or cream faux leather will allow most needs to be catered for.

    Venezia Bar Stool

    Venezia StoolThe Venezia stool is a well crafted piece of furniture that comes in 3 wood effects: oak, walnut and zebrano. The stools are topped with a lovely finish to give the stool the dazzling look it deserves as well as maintaining its greatness. The ergonomically designed seat top contrasts beautifully in a kitchen area and would integrate beautifully into a more commercial environment such as a café or restaurant. With the mirror finish chrome giving off an alluring glow, this stool is bound to grab the attention of almost anyone.

    Lazio Bar Stool

    Snazzy new Lazio Bar StoolThe Lazio stool is a new two-tone addition that is bursting with style and glorious colour. The half and half colour split is wonderful statement of innovative design that really captures the attention of many people. As one of our smaller stools, this one has great manoeuvrability and fits well under any work tops. The mirror finished chrome work blends in beautifully with any modern day kitchen appliances present and can fit in almost anywhere. Due to the vast colours we now offer in the Lazio stool, we can almost guarantee that one of them will match the décor of your kitchen or café area.

    Commercial Stools

    We are now offering a range of well crafted fixed height stools that have really hit the ground running and have deemed to catch the eye of many of buyers already. The fixed height stools give a new era of stability whilst still maintaining outstanding comfort due to the padding and the faux leather on the cube and the ergonomically designed curves on the oslo/mesh. Below is a sneak peak of what they can offer and a picture of their outstanding aesthetics:

    Cube Bar Stool

    New fixed height Cube Blue StoolOur new cube is one of our most simplistic stools that can fit in almost anywhere and does not take up masses of space. The cube stool is suited to almost anyone and can be used in a wide range of commercial uses e.g. cafes and restaurants. Although very simplistic, the cube still upholsters great comfort with its dense padding and superb faux leather which come in a range of colours such as black, white, blue, red and purple. Although very nimble stability is still maintained with its burly legs and rubber feet protectors at the bottom to ensure safety is reached and your floor surface isn’t scratched.

    Oslo Bar Stool

    Oslo PairThe Oslo stool is a great addition and can hold its own as one of our most aesthetically pleasing stools that not only look lush, they also are very sturdy due to it’s a splayed legs and unique built in cross frame. The chrome plated stool gives a suave look and with the built in footrest at the bottom of the stool allows relaxation to be achieved for a prolonged period of time. The rubber protecting feet at the bottom protects the floor surface and with a stool as good looking and as strong as this will guarantee to grab a lot of attention and fit in beautifully in many commercial environments.

    Oslo Mesh Stools

    Oslo Mesh PairThe Oslo Mesh is the sister stool to the Oslo and has a very similar structure and look except for the unique perphirated design. This outstanding stool has jaw dropping aesthetics and strong stability and will look fantastic in many commercial environments. The shadow effect that is given off due to the perphirated design is a mesmerising sight to look at and combined with the chrome plated steel makes this stool shine brighter than most. The Oslo and Oslo Mesh come in a range of colours such as black, white, red and silver and with these choices available will make you stuck for choice. Overall these will make a lovely addition and can be easily moved around with the unique hand slot in the top of the stool that just adds greatness to its many credentials.

    Our new range of stools as you can see are lovely designs that have been carefully selected to help fulfil the needs of the many of you lovely buyers out there. So combined with the stools we have already and the new additions of modern and commercial designs will guarantee to have every area that you requite to be covered. With the options to buy singly or in pairs or to mix and match colours available will also allow you to not just have one of these new stools but will allow you to have numerous beauties to boast about.

  • Fresh New Look, Same Loveable Simply Bar Stools!

    Many of you may have witnessed a lot of big and exciting changes taking place on the website as of late. Some of which were suggested by a few of our fantastic customers in fact!

    So what has actually taken place on the website and why? How will it benefit me as the customer? All questions that will be answered in this short and informative blog post.

    Firstly lets begin with the beautiful looking and easy to navigate new home page. We decided that along with creating something that was much more pleasant to look at we would also strip out all the unnecessary mumbo jumbo that quite frankly you as the customer really don't want to be seeing! The home page now includes more of what you want to be seeing such as 'Special Offers' and 'Staff Picks Of The Week'. Most importantly it now features more Bar Stools that are easily accessible and will be updated much more frequently to give you what we think is what you want to be seeing. This is done through an in depth look into current trends and researching popular bar stools, all done by our in house bar stool experts.

    Next the all new trade and wholesale page. This was a long overdue change that was prompted by one of our loyal trade customers as they found the old page a little to confusing with not enough information. With this feedback we quickly changed the page to include more information and a neat little contact form that allows us to quickly respond to enquiries. Along with these changes came a stylish new look too, so not only can you now see all the information you need but you can see it on a much more aesthetically pleasing design too. It's a win, win!

    The page in which we have perhaps improved the most was the contact us page. Many people have been saying for quite some time that it was far to bare and quite rightly stated that it only consisted of a contact us form with no other real information about getting in touch via any other form of communication. The new contact us page now features everything you could ever need to get in touch with the Simply Bar Stools team! E-mail, Letter, Telephone, Contact Form, all included and displayed clearly. Not only this but we have now included a nifty map too making it even easier to find us!

    Finally an improvement that you should be seeing getting rolled out across all of the site very soon is the addition of the 'Join Us' section featuring usually at the bottom of every page. It includes links to all of our social networks which many of our customers prior to this update were struggling to find. Remember to check them out for updates and competition announcements.

    These improvements we hope will really help all of our customers whether they are looking to purchase, are just browsing, enquiring or getting in contact with us. Continued improvements are looking to be implemented very soon so check back frequently for any updates on this!

  • Deal Of The Days Are Here, Get Them Whilst You Can!

    Here at Simply Bar Stools we are dedicated to bringing you only the best products along with only the best prices. This is why we have introduced a fantastic new feature called 'Deal of The Day'.

    Of course the names speaks for itself, the deal is only available for 24 hours and will expire either after this period or when the selected Deal of The Day product has sold out, so you'd better act fast!

    This idea came about through trying to offer you (the customer) something different, a great deal for a selected period. The 24 hour period allows for all of our customers to have enough time to see the product and decide whether the chosen stool is there cup of tea, if however you do wait till later on the period be warned it may be sold out by the time you return as these products fly of the shelves when they are on offer! Of course there will be a different Deal of The Day product the following day but it will not be the same as the previous so don't wait to consult your partner on the deal, buy it and surprise them instead!

    Our opening Deal of The Day product is the gorgeous Allegro Brown bar stool that encompasses comfort, function and style to provide a unique stool that would suit any contemporary home. This magnificent stool was £70.00 but is now just £40.80!! That is a fantastic saving of 41%. To add to this amazing offer we are also extending the Allegro Brown deal to a massive 5 DAY DEAL! This is due to the sheer popularity of the product and the deal that we really were not expecting!

    Why not check the current deal of the day out for yourself and pick yourself up a bargain that you will not recieve anywhere else across either the web or in stores.

    If you'd like to enter our competition, head over here to find out more!

  • Is a Fixed Height Bar Stool for you?

    Our Fixed Height bar stools offer a simple solution to kitchen comfort and gorgeous contemporary design. If you are considering a fixed height stool for your kitchen or breakfast bar then this short and informative post will tell all you need to know on why you should make one of our fixed height stools a new addition to your home or commercial environment.

    Our large and impressive range features a whole range of designs and we are always adding to our stand out collection. All of the products in the range have been designed to look fantastic without compromising the comfort, be it wooden or leather you will feel maximum comfort even after extended periods of sitting.

    I know what your thinking all of these features can be found in height adjustable stools right, what actually are the outright advantages to fixed height bar stools? Are they best suited to me? Of course the environment the stool will be placed in has a huge effect on the advantages but the stools themselves do have there own advantages.

    The first advantage to a fixed height bar stool is the simple assembly process. All of our collection are extremely easy to assemble however fixed height bar stools are by far the most straight forward and take less than 3 minutes to put together.

    Another huge plus is the sturdiness of a fixed height bar stools. Our fixed height stools either equipped with a heavy, flat base or 4 legs which reinforces the strength and rigidity of the stool. A large majority of the range also features a front bar that not only supports the sturdiness of the stool but doubles up as footrest for added comfort when seated!

    The final advantage to a fixed height stool is the design. Due to the stool being fixed height it allows for much more to be done to the design, hence why all of our fixed height bar stools look so fabulously different! Unlike a gas lift bar stool where it must feature a stem and gas lift lever these stools can be designed so uniquely from one another making them stand out amongst the crowd and grab the attention of anyone who gets the pleasure of laying there eyes on one.

    If extreme comfort, a huge range of choice and phenomenal structural design is what you are looking for then a fixed height bar stool is definitely suited too you.

  • Another Way to Track Your Order!

    We mentioned a short while back about improving our site to include a more user-friendly integration of social media, part of this integration included the implementing another way to track your order alongside the current e-mail confirmation service we provide, this is through the social media network twitter.

    For those who did not see the previous post on this or have yet to see the magnificent feature there is now a small button situated on the order confirmation page that allows for us to tweet you via the social network Twitter when your order has been dispatched (with your permission of course). All you as a customer would have to do is simply place your Twitter handle in the required field and then as soon as your order has been dispatched we will send you a friendly message to let you know.

    This feature has already become a resounding success with people commenting on how much easier it is for them as they use Twitter on such a regular basis like so many people in the age of social networking. Not only this but we have been receiving some fantastic feedback from customers on the stools themselves once they have arrived which is also excellent, along with this it also provides the customer a quick way to contact us was there any problem with delivery or even the stool itself.

    Of course this feature isn't for all of our customers and many may not have the service or may not want to be contacted through it but for those who do we would highly recommend it as at the end of the day it provides a bit of piece at mind and well.. IT'S FREE!

    Finally, we cannot ensure when but sometime in the future we will also look to provide this option across a few more social networks including Facebook, G+ etc. as this twitter service has been such a huge success, so do keep an eye out for this. Until then enjoy a new way to track your order through Simply Bar Stools twitter dispatch update service.

  • Brighten Up Your Kitchen This Spring!

    Though it may not seem like it to many of us spring has believe or not already begun and when this dingy weather eventually passes the sun and flowers will appear to brighten up everyones mood.

    So why not match the uplift of the beautiful new spring with some vibrantly colourful bar stools?

    Even if the sunny weather may not be with us for a little while longer you can still brighten up the interior of your home in readiness with some of our most popular colourful bar stools, including options from both the bueno and bozolo range.

    Our personal favourite though is the pod range, coming in a hugely diverse range of colours. Many of our customers love not only the look but the feel of the pod as it seats you beautifully offering an extremely comfortable sitting experience even of extended periods of sitting.

    The eye-catching colours included in this range include: a striking purple, beautiful baby pink, ravishing red, bold blue, friendly green, obscure orange and of course the sun replicating yellow.

    All of these options will look fantastic in a home or in fact commercial environment that wishes to brighten up the whole surrounding and really make the room glow just in time for that nice warm weather that's approaching!

    For even more colours and different stool designs use our very simple colour filter situated at the top of the home page and find the radiant stool that's right for you!

  • Kitchen Bar Stools or Breakfast Bar Stools?

    In this modern era there are an untold amount of different bar stools tall, small, thin and wide. All of which have varying names which are then dropped into categories and then subcategories, filtered down by price, colour, style.

    It really is no surprise that people can become confused over what they are looking for on some sites (luckily not ours). A couple of categories that many of our loyal customers find extremely useful for decreasing the chance of confusion are the Kitchen Bar Stools Category and the Breakfast Bar Stools Category. So why do our customers love it so much you ask? Sit back and buckle up because your about to find out why.

    Lets start by simply explaining what the difference is between a Kitchen Bar Stool and a Breakfast Bar Stool as many people would assume they are they same as they are used in an almost identical environment, but boy are they wrong! The main difference between the two is the height of both the stool itself and the backrest (if it has one at all).

    A Breakfast Bar Stool has a low backrest, lower seat height and generally speaking lower height in general, this makes for an ideal solution for smaller kitchen that may not have much room and requires the stool to be tucked neatly away underneath a worktop. A perfect example of this is our Sofia range. Featuring a seat height of 610mm - 810mm and full height of 690mm - 890mm it tucks away beautifully under nearly any worktop making for plenty of extra space when not in use, hence why this is such a popular hit with customers that live in flats or smaller houses.

    Now a Kitchen Bar Stool is nearly the complete opposite of what a Breakfast Bar Stool is. The backrest rests are taller, seat heights are taller and again generally speaking a larger full height of the stool. The Kitchen Bar Stool in turn offers what many people call more functionality and for some a better seating comfort as you have a large backrest to support your weight. An example of a Kitchen Bar Stool, which also happens to be our most popular range of stools is the Zenith range. The Zenith's have a full height of 870-1080mm and backrest height of 240mm, which when compared with the Sofia above is much larger. This particular range is more suited to those with larger homes where by space is not as much of an issue.

    These categories make for a much simpler solution to finding bar stools that are suited to your home, so why not give them a look for yourself? Many of our customers are already and they love it!

  • The Big Changes are a Big Success & an Easter Surprise!

    Last week we implemented some rather big changes to our site; these changes included further integration of social media, better filter options, wonderfully improved product pages and an improved way to purchase pair products making it a whole lot simpler than before. Thus far the feedback we have received from you has been fantastic with plenty of people saying just how brilliant the changes are; in fact 84% of the people gave it a big 10/10 saying it really improved their shopping experience through the website (we aren't ones to boast be we think that's pretty impressive!!).

    We’re not stopping there though; we have still got more big changes to come in the next few days with us cutting down the daunting task of scrolling through hundreds of the same product on category pages and instead making it easier to navigate by rolling many of the pair products down into one simple product so remember to keep an eye out for this in the next few days and let us know your thoughts on it!

    Another thing you will definitely need to keep an eye out for in the next few days leading up to the Easter break and the start of April is the big Easter sale. We will be having a massive clearance sale to celebrate the Easter break and in doing so you will receive some of our most popular bar stools at just a fraction of their RRP. Why not treat yourself to a gorgeous new seating area in time for Easter bunny’s arrival? Just remember, don’t miss out on these offers as we can assure you they will not stick around for long!

  • Change Is Coming!

    This week is all about change here at Simply Bar Stools. We are aiming to provide a slightly simpler way to be presented with our lovely products and a new way to share your purchase and experience through a whole host of social networks, with some other features that we think you will find extremely nifty! These changes will benefit our loyal returning customers and also our fantastic new customers too.

    With Simply Bar Stools always having pair offers available we feel that we should make purchasing these offers as simple as possible whilst not phasing out all of our other lovely products. This will include making our category pages less cluttered as well as making the experience through the product page an absolute delight. Though we cannot unveil in full details how this will look (It’s a surprise) we can guarantee this will make your shopping experience a lot simpler and more enjoyable.

    The next big change is the large integration of social media through our site so you can tweet, post, blog, email, about your shopping experience to friends and then any feedback given can be implemented by us so that we can always look to improve our site to make your visit a more enjoyable one.

    Social media is also being used by us another way that we think could really improve your experience with us. Integrated with our order confirmation page will now include a smart little feature that allows for us to tweet you via the social network Twitter when your order has been dispatched (with your permission of course).

    These changes are looking to be rolled out across the site at some point during this week so check back to the blog for updates and we cannot wait to hear what you think!

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