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Choosing the Right Barstools

Buying Guide


The style of your stool will very much depend on personal preference and the design and atmosphere of your space. Certain designs and colours will be more suited to specific rooms and colour schemes, for example chrome or brushed chrome framework may go better with more metallic, darker coloured interiors. Whereas,  wooden barstools maybe more suited to a lighter, more natural atmosphere. 

The design of the barstool itself needs to be unique yet achieve all the practicalities you look for in a stool. We aim for our bar stools to be durable and comfortable but still give any space a wow factor! By using contrasting coloured bar stools, this can help zone a space and draw attention to that area, however if you prefer the more subtle approach then matching the stool to existing colours in the room can help to enhance the scheme. We therefore offer a wide range of colours to ensure our stools can compliment any interior whether you are aiming for the contrasting pop of colour or wanting the stool to match the current colour scheme of the space.


Comfort can be measured by the padding and shape of the barstool. Our Allegro and Luscious have a more rigid appearance but both have plenty of padding for greater comfort along with higher backs for the additional back support you might need. The Carcaso and the Magnifico are a more fluid and ergonomic design with lots of curves meaning you can sit comfortably for longer periods of time.

We know comfort is an essential factor when buying bar stools and we design our stools to maximise this however always consider the padding, width and depth of the seat and how the shape will support the way you sit.


Getting the correct height for your barstool will maximise the comfort and practicality within the design of your space. It should also allow the users legs to fit underneath the table/bar easily whilst still being able to see over the table. To make this easier we have a range of barstools with seat heights (distance between the floor and the underside of the stool) from less than 600mm (60cm) tall, all the way up to 900mm (90cm) tall. 

Some of our stools have an adjustable seat height, these include our gas lift mechanism which allows the seat height to go up or down by 200mm (20cm). However, if you would prefer stools which are a fixed height and cannot be adjusted to different heights then our fixed height bar stools are for you!

To get the correct height for your barstool we would recommend between 230mm - 300mm (23cm - 30cm) of legroom between the underside of the table/bar and the seat height. 


The designated purpose for your barstool will have a profound impact on which barstool you want to buy. If the barstool is going to be used for home/domestic use then you might want to consider a barstool that is good for everyday use. This may mean the barstool is designed with extra padding, high backs, armrests or a unique design. As a result, the barstool may be a brighter colour in order to stand out and look the part in the room. 

Whereas a barstool used in a commercial setting may want to be a more subtle design to prevent it from becoming a distraction to customers, these types of stools might also be used for shorter periods of time and therefore could be wooden with no padding. Commercial interiors often have a strict scheme and therefore the design of the stools is essential, for example an industrial design will suit our Bolzano and Teramo stools.

Backrest vs no backrest

A backrest can be seen as an added extra to a barstool. It is an extension of the barstool in order to provide greater support and comfort but they can make the stool look bulkier and almost look intrusive in the room compared to a stool with no backrest. Despite how much bulkier a backrest might look, it  does provide very good support for your back and can be a safer option for kids, anyone with a disability or the older generations. Having said that, a stool with no backrest can be easily hidden and  fit into smaller spaces much easier meaning you can get more stools in a room.

Our backrests are offered in a variety of heights from 210mm to 440mm (21cm to 44cm). If you cant decide if you need a backrest or not then we also offer smaller backrests at 70mm (7cm) on some of our stools, such as the Baceno

Armrest vs no armrest

A standard barstool tends to have no armrest at all. This is usually because the armrests tend to take up much more space than people have available, meaning you can fit less in along the width of your bar and also make the overall height taller, therefore restricting if the stool can fit under a countertop or bar. Despite this, the armrests can be better for children using the stool or if you are looking to use it for a long period of time then it can provide greater comfort. Currently bar stools with no armrests are much more popular as they save on space and create a sleeker look.

Faux Leather vs Real Leather 

The main difference between faux and real leather is that real leather is made from animal hide, such as cattle, and faux leather is created from a plastic base which has different waxes, dyes or polyurethane to try and create the same texture and feel that real leather provides. This means that faux leather is a good alternative for Vegans who want a barstool with the same advantage as real leather. The benefits of having faux leather are that it is a lot cheaper and easier to clean but unfortunately isn’t as durable as real leather. 

Non-weighted base vs Weighted Base

The non-weighted base is used on our standard stools whereas the weighted base is used on our deluxe range. The non-weighted bases are made out of the same material as the chrome stem. This material ensures the base is light, durable and comes with a protective rubber ring. This is used in order to protect the floor and the barstool. The non-weighted base has its benefits as it is easier to move around, cheaper than the weighted alternative however this style is not as sturdy and will be more prone to toppling. As a result, you might want to upgrade to the deluxe stools which have the weighted cast iron base. This base adds weight onto the bottom of the stool, meaning it is much more stable, but can be harder to move around if you are wanting to be flexible with your stool.

Lamboro Ranges

The deluxe range comprises of 13 different models – Carcaso, Luscious, Allegro, Zenith, Rovigo, Sorrento, Ravenna, Snella, Aldo, Benito, Milano, Semplice and Venezia. These barstools are considered to be an upgraded version of the standard bar stools we offer. Along with a variety of colours from neutrals, such as Whites/Greys/Black to bright colours, Reds/Greens/Blues. Many have a padded seat with a backrest for maximum comfort and support. 

Deluxe stools have a deluxe gas lift providing a smoother experience and more suited to be used for longer periods of time. This feature also allows the seat to move up or down by a max. of 200mm (20cm), ensuring the stools can fit a range of countertops. This gas lift mechanism is attached to the weighted base and footrest making up the stools framework which is available in Chrome, Brushed Chrome and Matt Black. The base is either square or round depending on the design of the stools and comes with 2 years warranty.



The signature range is the most expensive and stylish range of barstools on offer.  They come in 4 unique designs – Favoloso, Magnifico, Eleganza and Eccellente. As well as this, they come in a variety of 6 different colours - Black, Charcoal, Red, Lime Green, Mustard and Tan Orange. This stool can suit any space or colour scheme and the height can be adjusted by 250mm (25cm). The gas lift mechanism is fitted neatly into the stem of the barstool so it is barely noticeable and comes in a chrome finish.. Attached to the bottom of the steam is a weighted base made out of cast iron. This weighted base provides lots of support by lowering the centre of gravity, making it much less likely to fall over or wobble. 

The seat design itself comes in a range of styles that originated from Italian design. This is combined with real leather on all of the seats to provide extreme quality, durability and beauty. This real leather really enhances the sleek and slender design and ensures the seats can last for as long as possible so you will definitely get your money's worth. Although the stool might appear as though there is not enough padding, it has been specifically designed to fit the shape of the body and compliment how you sit helping to maximise the comfort.