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Bar Stool Maintenance

At Simply Bar Stools, we have a wide range of different frames for our gorgeous bar stools in many stylish materials! The fixed height bar stools may be easier to mantain because of the simple design however, the gas lift bar stools are still incredibly easy to clean too! We often get calls and emails from customers about how they should care for their bar stools and tables. This page will talk you through the different types of frames, bases and seat materials, outlining the best way to care for each. Choose one of the three links below to jump to your preferred section.

Deluxe Carcaso Cream Bar Stool

Cleaning Your Chrome Bar Stool

Chrome bar stools need to be cleaned regularly to keep them looking lovely and new. Luckily, it's not difficult to clean bar stools. If they have chrome plating on them and they do end up becoming rusty or dark over time, there are quite a few ways to clean them so they are as good as new!

Wiping Down

By using a warm, soapy, clean cloth to wipe the chrome on your bar stool on a daily basis, it cleans up spillages and stops dust from building up. To cut down on stains and corrosion, wipe up any spills immediately after.

Removing Rust

If the chrome on your bar stool hasn't been cleaned for a long time, you can easily remove rust and dark marks with aluminium foil. To remove rust, make sure the shiny side of the aluminium foil is up and crumple it into a ball and dip it in water. Then, rub it against the rust to remove it. The dark marks on the chrome can be easily brightened up with products such as alcohol and vinegar.

Polishing Chrome

After doing both of the above, polishing will give it that lovely high shine appearance and reflective clean look. To do this, use a clean cloth (try to use a cotton or microfibre cloth) and use products such as baby oil, WD-40, furniture polish etc. Then just rub the product onto the surface with a cloth until the chrome has a beautiful shine.


Cleaning Products Used on Chrome Bar Stools

The cleaning products used on chrome have a number of different purposes. All of the products listed below are useful for cleaning and maintaining other chrome plated furniture, hardware, and other materials, such as wood or glass.

WD-40 or Baby Oil

Both WD-40 and baby oil are oil based products perfect for removing streaks, loosening rusty bolts, giving chrome a gorgeous shine, preventing corrosion and removing fingerprints. Both are useful as a solvent and to displace water. They can be rubbed into a clean metal surface, and will slightly go through the surface, covering it in a protective layer of oil that doesn't evaporate.


If you use an cloth with alcohol, it helps keep the shine on chrome. As alcohol quickly evaporates, it takes any water from the chrome with it and this helps to remove any water marks and keeps the chrome looking shiny and new.

Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil helps remove rust from chrome because it oxidizes more quickly than any other type of metal. This means that the aluminum foil actually takes oxygen from rust as it begins to oxidize. Rubbing the aluminum against rust on chrome breaks the rust up and turns it into a very slight polish, also helping to shine and polish the chrome.

Furniture Polish

Furniture polish is another useful product as it can be used to clean, protect and polish chrome. It helps to stop future blemishes by making a protective layer.


Vinegar evaporates quickly and helps to get rid of lime scale and water marks on the chrome.

Looking After Your Seat Top

There are many types of seat top to choose from, whether it's plastic, leather, faux-leather, wooden or fabric, it's easy to take care of it! Below are some of the ways you can look after your seat top to keep it looking good as new.

Faux & Real Leather

Faux leather is a practical material designed with durable qualities requiring minimal maintenance. It is scratch resistant and more waterproof than real leather as it doesn't absorb spills. Dust can be easily removed with a duster and marks wiped away with a damp cloth. Tough stains may require a damp cloth with some soap or just a baby wipe. If you have serious stains, put some white spirit onto a cloth and gently rub the stain until it's gone. However, test this underneath the seat first to be sure that this product doesn't slightly bleach the colour, this is highly unlikely, but it's better to be safe than sorry!

Real leather stools are the luxury choice. They deliver both style and durability and are less likely to crack, tear and peel. As leather is known to age well, any worn spots just make it more attractive over time and it is unable to hold dust for long, making cleaning it easy! Just use a duster and wipe the surface lightly!

Baceno Cream Kitchen Bar Stool


Our plastic seat tops are extremely popular due to their wide range of colours and practicality. They are durable and less easy to stain, the thicker the plastic, the stronger it is! For dusting, simply use a duster and to remove marks try a damp cloth as you would with a faux leather seat. For the more tough stains, try a baby wipe or gently dab with white spirit.

Sorrento Swivel Orange Bar Stool