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Glossary Terms

Below is a list of all the key terms you may come across whilst searching for your Bar Stool. This list is designed to help you understand all of the product features whilst you make your important decision of which Bar Stool to purchase.

ABS Plastic

ABS is a strong form of plastic that is impact resistant making it perfect for bar stools and tables as they are durable and can withstand hard knocks.

Acrylic Seat Top

Acrylic seat tops are a form of plastic molded into a shape available in many different colours including red, blue, black and green.

Backless Bar Stool

A Backless bar stool is a stool that does not have a back support. 


Bar stools featuring a backrest offer a neat back support and can vary in shapes and sizes depending on the stool. 

Bistro Table

bistro table is a small, well designed table that is perfect for small spaces such as your kitchen or closely seated restaurants.

Breakfast Bar Stool

breakfast bar stool is built specifically with breakfast bars in mind.

Brushed Chrome

brushed chrome bar stool is the same as a standard chrome plating with the added effect of 'brushed' lines running down the surface giving it a textured finish at the same time as keeping some of its metallic finish.

Chrome Plating

A chrome Bar Stool is made of stainless steel and then covered in a chrome plating for that extra style and to stop corrosion.

Commercial Use

Commercial bar stool use means that this product is suitable for both commercial and domestic use such as a restaurant or bar.

Contemporary Design

A contemporary bar stool design is a mix of both classic and modern designs with smooth, clean and simple shapes.

Domestic Use Only

Domestic use only means that this particular product is only suitable for personal home use and if it is used in a commercial environment such as a restaurant then the products warranty will become void.

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic design is a scientifically designed product to help reduce aches and pains and increase comfort by providing the perfect shape of a Bar Stool.

Faux Leather Bar Stool

A faux leather bar stool is made from a high quality false or imitation leather that is almost identical to real leather but does not need the high level of care and treatment and also does not crack the same way that real leather does. Other names for faux leather may include leatherette and artificial leather.

Fixed Height

fixed height bar stool means that the stool is not adjustable and is at all times one set height. 

Flame Retardant

Flame retardants are materials designed to resist the spread of fire.

Floor Protector

A built in rubber protector on the bottom of the stool to protect your floors surface.

Foam Padding

A seat top with soft and durable foam padding for extra comfort.


A footrest offers a fantastic option for taking the weight off your legs and is usually situated between the seat top and base.

Gas Lift

This is the height adjustable section of the bar stool allowing the height to be adjusted with the pull of a lever.

Height Adjustable

height adjustable bar stool means that you can adjust the height your stool is set at by the touch of a level allowing you to use it at multiple surfaces and levels. 

Italian Design

A product that was designed by professional furniture designers in Italy. 

Kitchen Bar Stools

kitchen bar stool offers a perfect stool for any kitchen environment.

Natural Solid Beech

This means that all exposed pieces of wood are made from solid beech wood.

Oak Veneer

The oak veneer bar stool is made from a thin layer of high-quality oak wood permanently bonded to a frame of less expensive wood. Veneer is also used in decorative work, such as inlays.

Opaque Acrylic

Opaque acrylic is a solid coloured version of the acrylic seat tops.

Pod Bar Stool

The pod bar stool is a very popular and highly sought after bar stool with its simple design and great value for money.

Poseur Table

poseur table is a tall bar table with a small table top used with both bar and counter height bar stools. 

Real Leather Bar Stool

A bar stool with a seat top made from high quality real leather.

Satin Steel

Satin steel is a type of stainless steel with a matt finish.

Scratch Resistant Base

The scratch resistant base has a rubber ring around the bottom of the base to stop you scratching your floors and surfaces. 

Self Assembly

This means that your product will arrive in different parts and you will need to assemble it yourself. 

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a strong metal which is resistant to corrosion and rust. 

Swivel Seat

This means that you can turn from side to side 360 degrees on your stool without the rest of the stool moving.

Translucent Acrylic

Translucent acrylic is a clear, transparent version of a coloured acrylic seat top. 

Walnut Veneer

The walnut veneer bar stool is made from a thin layer of high-quality walnut wood permanently bonded to a frame of less expensive wood. Veneer is also used in decorative work, such as inlays. 

Weighted Bases

A weighted base offers stability to a stool making it less likely to topple. 

Wooden Bar Stool

wooden bar stool is a bar stool that has either a wooden frame such as the legs and frame of the seat or a bar stool that is 100% wooden including the seat top.