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Kitchen Bar Stools or Breakfast Bar Stools?

In this modern era there are an untold amount of different bar stools tall, small, thin and wide. All of which have varying names which are then dropped into categories and then subcategories, filtered down by price, colour, style.

It really is no surprise that people can become confused over what they are looking for on some sites (luckily not ours). A couple of categories that many of our loyal customers find extremely useful for decreasing the chance of confusion are the Kitchen Bar Stools Category and the Breakfast Bar Stools Category. So why do our customers love it so much you ask? Sit back and buckle up because your about to find out why.

Lets start by simply explaining what the difference is between a Kitchen Bar Stool and a Breakfast Bar Stool as many people would assume they are they same as they are used in an almost identical environment, but boy are they wrong! The main difference between the two is the height of both the stool itself and the backrest (if it has one at all).

A Breakfast Bar Stool has a low backrest, lower seat height and generally speaking lower height in general, this makes for an ideal solution for smaller kitchen that may not have much room and requires the stool to be tucked neatly away underneath a worktop. A perfect example of this is our Sofia range. Featuring a seat height of 610mm - 810mm and full height of 690mm - 890mm it tucks away beautifully under nearly any worktop making for plenty of extra space when not in use, hence why this is such a popular hit with customers that live in flats or smaller houses.

Now a Kitchen Bar Stool is nearly the complete opposite of what a Breakfast Bar Stool is. The backrest rests are taller, seat heights are taller and again generally speaking a larger full height of the stool. The Kitchen Bar Stool in turn offers what many people call more functionality and for some a better seating comfort as you have a large backrest to support your weight. An example of a Kitchen Bar Stool, which also happens to be our most popular range of stools is the Zenith range. The Zenith's have a full height of 870-1080mm and backrest height of 240mm, which when compared with the Sofia above is much larger. This particular range is more suited to those with larger homes where by space is not as much of an issue.

These categories make for a much simpler solution to finding bar stools that are suited to your home, so why not give them a look for yourself? Many of our customers are already and they love it!